Constructed Analytical Drawing

Succulent: Aloe Variegata

Visual Communications II Spring 2012 :: Joyce Rosner & Robert Mezquiti (1 week)

In the realm of sciences, drawing aims to provide the scientific community with clear and concise illustrations that convey complex concepts and data.  Along with overlays of anatomical details, attention is given to basics of proportion, perspective and composition.  Many naturalists and botanists collect and study plants and animal species to better understand the complex organisms and to differentiate between types and species.  Practitioners historically recorded their findings and drew from this process using media 

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Pavilion


Design II Spring 2012 :: Robert Mezquiti (1 Week)

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is a botanical research unit affiliate of the University of Texas at Austin. It serves as a native plant arboretum, conservatory, research center, event venue, exhibition space and botanical resource to all those interested in Texas ecology.  The pavilion design process began with an exercise to explore the translation of a 2-d representation to a 3-d abstraction, conveying volume as an iterative device.  Embracing abstraction, careful study of the analytical succulent drawing was necessary.  A portion of the drawing was selected to explore further as a 3 dimensional study. That study became a simple module formed out of folded paper.

The pavilion was designed through an additive, tectonic system, multiplying a singular modular unit into a collective field. This modular unit, when tessellated, creates space, shade and ultimately an enclosure in which visitors can enjoy the beauty of the Wildflower Center.